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What Exactly is Global Investment ?
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At DMC Funds, we provide investors with the opportunity to invest in global markets in top countries around the globe. Our professional team can offer the advice you require to find the best location with great infrastructure, highly skilled individuals and a comprehensive investment plan.

Our advice will help investors decide on the best country for investment, including specific locations and territories with the most potential. Once found, we can help you set up the correct corporate and governance structures as well as guide you to the right banks to meet your financial needs.

On top of locating the best investments, we can connect you with leading government parties and investment promotion agencies within the selected country. This makes sure you can begin reaping in the rewards of your investments whilst having the support of the best individuals in the country. They can provide you with assistance throughout any project, allowing you to be confident in your decisions.

Our global investment advice is available as a one-off service and can also be used to support you throughout various investments. Contact us today and find out how our global investment services can help you.

Liquid Real Assets

If you’re looking to grow your asset portfolio, the DMC Funds team can help. Our teams make use of global resources and specialist knowledge to help you invest in real estate and infrastructure. Our portfolio management teams have access to our research and strategy specialists, who work hard to source the assets with the highest potential return on investment.

Our liquid real asset services enable the liquid investment of real assets. These assets include but are not exclusive to real estate, commodities and infrastructure around the globe. Large investments are usually required upfront for such assets and are designed to provide you with long-term returns. When it comes to liquid real assets, it is possible to implement our solutions as easily tradable strategies.

We make use of a research-based approach in order to create strategies that are suitable for both individual and institutional investors. Our investors will gain access to exchange-traded real estate and infrastructure securities as well as several different commodity stocks. This helps us to create a well-divided portfolio and minimize the risk of each investment.

Real Estate Securities

Our Global Real Estate Securities are designed as a risk-managed strategy that helps to deliver strong, risk-adjusted results. The strategies used at DMC Funds are designed to identify high-quality companies that are trading at attractive prices throughout the US and international real estate markets.

With years of experience within the industry, we have various opportunities when it comes to our strategies.  Our investment team have over a decade of experience in total, in which they have developed specialist knowledge around the market. This allows them to capitalize on opportunities and provide you with fantastic ROI. As a result, we have developed a reputation for our ability to deliver consistent returns over long periods of time.

All of our research is supplemented by real estate insights provided by Principal Real Estate Investors. By using this expertise, we can provide you with a comprehensive investment strategy that withstands the test of time. Throughout our research, we make use of both fundamental and quantitative data. These two forms complement one and other allowing us to effectively analyze and select securities. 

Asset Management

If you’re looking for a reliable company to look after and direct your investment portfolio, we are here to help. At DMC funds, our team can manage your assets and help you meet your financial goals. We provide all of our clients with a myriad of comprehensive money management options, allowing them to select the best option for their personal preferences, taking into account objectives and risk aversion.